#5418: Adopt policy that SCM request should be accepted from authorized users only

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#5418: Adopt policy that SCM request should be accepted from authorized users only
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Comment (by spot):

 I would note the following points in my own defense here:

 * The Fedora Perl Community is very open about permitting other people to
 work on perl packages in Fedora.
 * I added these requests because I needed these perl modules to be built
 for active Fedora targets so that I could add a new, dependent, perl
 module to upgrade another one of my perl modules.
 * These perl package review requests were all done without branching for
 _ANY_ active Fedora branches (just rawhide), which I feel is inappropriate
 behavior for a package maintainer unless there is a technical reason
 preventing the maintainer from releasing a new package on that active
 Fedora branch. In fact, I thought that this lack of branching was the
 mistake of a new packager rather than conscious abandonment, which is why
 I requested branches with identical ownership, instead of simply taking
 ownership for myself.
 * There were no technical reasons preventing these perl modules from being
 maintained in active Fedora branches. I did straight rebuilds with no
 * The owners were all CC'd on the bugzilla ticket and received
 notification of the branching request and approvals.
 * There is no policy stating that newly reviewed packages may not be
 released into stable branches, or even any policy discouraging this, which
 makes the original behavior of the packager to release these packages into
 rawhide only very confusing.

 I'd note for clarification that technically as a member of Rel-Eng, I
 could have processed my own requests here, but I was not acting in that
 capacity in these cases (3 total).

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