How do get Koji Staging up and running again?

Adam Miller maxamillion at
Thu Apr 23 21:02:44 UTC 2015

Hello all,
    As the new person in the group I'm just full of ideas and energy
and I want to do all the things! As such, I'm spamming your inboxes
again today but this time it's to talk about Koji Staging.

I was hoping that we could go ahead and get a list of things written
down for what all needs doing such that we could maybe size out that
list into consumable tasks. From there these tasks would be something
that different people could take point on or that someone newer to the
team could use them as learning opportunities that aren't too
daunting. (Alright, I'm mostly thinking of myself on that one but if
there are fellow Fedora Rel-Eng newbies on the list who'd like to join
in I'd be happy to share in the learning experiences! :) )

Without further adieu:

    What needs to be done to make koji staging functional again?

(Also, should we maintain this in the wiki somewhere? Or possibly some
other collaborative document thing that everyone likes?)

Thanks all!

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