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Paul W. Frields stickster at gmail.com
Thu Feb 19 21:22:48 UTC 2015

One of Matthew Miller's goals for Fedora is to diversify our release
deliverables.  This is one reason the Fedora Engineering team is
bringing on a full-time person soon to work on release tools.  We want
to contribute to the Fedora release engineering effort too (as opposed
to simply asking existing folks to do more). :-)

I would expect over the first month or two in that role, our release
tools person will likely be:

* looking at the field of deliverables needed, across not just the
  products but also at containers and Project Atomic needs

* getting familiar with any current release processes as needed

* discussion with stakeholders in the project, including rel-eng,
  mattdm, infrastructure, and others, on this list and elsewhere about

During this time, I'd expect there will be some decisions on process,
architecture, etc.  To kickstart development, I'd like to set up a FAD
where key community members, including developers and release
engineers, can start (or continue) working on actual code and
supporting infrastructure.

I started a wiki page here for interested people to sign up:

There are some proposed dates listed on the wiki page.  None have been
fully decided yet.  I have preliminary approval from the FPL, and I'm
awaiting OSAS input on budget availability, and any time restrictions
from their POV.  There is a good chance we will do this at the Red Hat
Tower (HQ) in Raleigh, NC USA.  The event will not be restricted to
USA people, although we'll have to select a roster of people to meet

There's a specific section in the page for you to write your name and
any restrictions on dates.  This will help us make the best
date/location plan.

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