Layered build scripts wiki page, added new rpmdistro-gitoverlay

Colin Walters walters at
Wed Mar 11 12:47:44 UTC 2015

Hi, I wanted to link to this page I maintain:

Please add to it if you're aware of other scripts and tools!  There are quite a lot.

At some point it'd be good to have a discussion about actually changing
the core of how we build software rather than layering things on top.

So my entrant in that vision is:
which I just added to the page.  It's taking some of the concepts from
gnome-continuous and trying to apply them to the current rel-eng.

I plan to use it to do an "Atomic Continuous" in the space that's doing continuous
delivery for the bits that are important to Atomic like Kubernetes, rpm-ostree,
etcd, docker, etc.

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