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On Thu, May 26, 2011 at 12:19 AM, Rahul Sundaram <metherid at> wrote:
> On 05/25/2011 06:54 PM, valent.turkovic at wrote:
>> Hi guys and galls,
>> is ti now possible to make btrfs fedora remixes? It has been few
>> months last time I checked so I'm wondering if it is now possible to
>> do so.
> Might be possible but I would recommend you don't prematurely promote
> Btrfs usage until btrfsck is more functional.    As noted in the Fedora
> 15 announcement
> "Btrfs filesystem Btrfs, the next generation filesystem is being
> developed with upstream participation of Red Hat developers, Oracle and
> many others. Btrfs is now available as a menu item in the installer
> (only for non-live images. live images support just Ext4) and does not
> require passing a special option to the installer as in the previous
> releases. Btrfs availability has moved up a notch as a incremental step
> towards the goal of Btrfs as the default filesystem in the next release
> of Fedora. The btrfsck program for performing filesystem checks is under
> active development upstream with participation from Fedora but the one
> included in this release is still limited and hence users are highly
> recommended to maintain backups when using this filesystem (backups are
> a good idea anyway!). Thanks to Josef Bacik, Red Hat Btrfs developer,
> for his upstream participation and integration of this feature in Fedora
> including a yum plugin (yum-plugin-fs-snapshot) that enables users to
> rollback updates if necessary, taking advantage of Btrfs snapshots."
> Rahul

Thank you Rahul for quick reply, I have used btrfs and quite liked it,
had no problems with it so far, but agree with your caution - until
there are tools that support fixing issues it is better to be safe
than sorry.

Do you have some insight when will livecd-creator and other tools
support creating btrfs live images? Is it possible already but just
not recommended?

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