[Fedora Robotics] ROS Fedora packages

Tim Niemueller tim at niemueller.de
Sat Nov 12 18:10:12 UTC 2011

On 11.11.2011 22:04, Nathan Grennan wrote:
>      I am interested in engaging others interested in building ROS
> packages for Fedora. I am a employee of Willow Garage. It is my opinion
> that ROS should be usable on something other than just Ubuntu. It is in
> everyone's interest.

Hi Nathan.

That would be a very welcome addition! We have looked into this a while 
ago and the major hurdle at that time was the inability to build ROS 
according to the Fedora packaging guidelines. For example, the Ubuntu 
packages just install everything to /opt/ros if I'm not mistaken. This 
would not be allowed for Fedora. Packages must properly integrate with 
the standard filesystem structure.

However, it might be an option to create a third-party repository hosted 
at Willow Garage that interested users can use until ROS can be properly 
installed eventually.

What are your plans, are you aiming for Fedora mainline inclusion, or 
having a set of packages hosted at WG? I'll happily discuss any plans 
and help bringing this forward.


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