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Mamoru Tasaka mtasaka at ioa.s.u-tokyo.ac.jp
Wed Aug 4 17:38:58 UTC 2010

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The following ruby related packages are currently orphaned and
will be removed from F-14 tree if no one take them.
Will someone going to pick up these?

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Subject: [ACTION REQUIRED] orphaned packages in F-14
Date: Wed, 4 Aug 2010 12:32:23 -0400
From: Bill Nottingham <notting at redhat.com>
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Each release, we undergo the effort to track down owners for orphaned
packages in the release, and block those orphaned packages where
necessary. It's that time again for Fedora 14.

The following packages are currently orphaned and exist in F-14. As
you can see, there are a lot of dependencies on these packages. Please
pick up these packages if you have a need for them.

Unblocked orphan ruby-openid
Unblocked orphan rubygem-RedCloth
Unblocked orphan rubygem-gruff
Unblocked orphan rubygem-rubigen
Unblocked orphan rubygem-rufus-scheduler
Unblocked orphan rubygem-state_machine
Unblocked orphan rubygem-test-spec

List of deps left behind by orphan removal:

Orphan: rubygem-RedCloth
     rubygem-newgem requires rubygem(RedCloth) = 4.2.2
     rubygem-yard requires rubygem(RedCloth) = 4.2.2

Orphan: rubygem-rubigen
     rubygem-newgem requires rubygem(rubigen) = 1.5.4
     rubygem-templater requires rubygem(rubigen) = 1.5.4

Orphan: rubygem-test-spec
     rubygem-rack requires rubygem(test-spec) = 0.10.0
     rubygem-snmp requires rubygem(test-spec) = 0.10.0

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