Are test files documentation?

Mamoru Tasaka mtasaka at
Wed Aug 11 17:41:58 UTC 2010

Michael Stahnke wrote, at 08/12/2010 01:02 AM +9:00:
> Ok, I see your point.  I am normally developing with ruby, so I didn'
> think about the normal application install.
> Should we then say that ri/rdoc/examples/test/spec go into a -doc
> package when they are over a certain size or always?

My opinion is we should create -doc subpackage when they
are large to some extent, especially when such files have compatible
or larger size than those of files needed for runtime.

> I'd just like to get some consistency here.
> Also when we decide we should work with the packaging guys to get the
> wiki page updated for ruby packages.
> stahnma

Something like the following proposal
* Creating -doc subpackage
   - Usually ruby gem based rpm installs rdoc/ri document files under %{gemdir}/doc/%{gemname}-%{version}.
     Also many ruby gem based rpm installs some additional files under %{geminstdir}
     which are not needed on runtime and are needed for development purpose only or checking the gem like:
     - Rakefile
     - spec/ directory
     - test/ directory
     - examples/ directory
   If the total size of these files is compatible or enough larger than that of the files needed
   for runtime, -doc subpackage should be created and these files should be moved into -doc subpackage.

Any comments welcome.


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