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Mohammed Morsi mmorsi at redhat.com
Tue Aug 31 02:48:17 UTC 2010

  On 08/30/2010 05:32 AM, Mamoru Tasaka wrote:
> Frédéric Logier wrote, at 08/30/2010 05:52 PM +9:00:
>> Hi,
>> Rails 3 is out
>> http://weblog.rubyonrails.org/2010/8/29/rails-3-0-it-s-done and it need
>> at least ruby 1.8.7 ... So there will no way to use Rails 3 with F14 ?
> F-14 uses ruby 1.8.7 p302 currently. However while I think we should
> upgrade F-14 rails to 2.3.8, I don't know  if we can push
> Rails 3 for F-14... rails maintainers, thoughts?
> (Or someone wants to support parallel installation support of
>    rails 2.3.8 and rails 3.0 on Fedora?)
> Mamoru
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I'm not currently aware of how compatible Rails 2.3.8 / 3.0.0 are.

  I created rails 3.0.0-beta4 rpms a little while back, but I would like 
to update them to the 3.0.0 release and test them out in various 
scenarios to determine any potential issues. If there are major 
incompatibilities we can look into parallel installation support, but if 
not a simple upgrade might be warranted.

It's not currently on my immediate task list, but I will get to this 
eventually if noone gets to it first. Also if you are maintaining a 
package that depends on rails (alot are as they depend of 
activesupport), I would start looking upstream for rails 3.0.0 

You can download the rails 3.0.0-beta4 rpms / srpms here:



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