Ruby 1.9.3 testing repository

Vít Ondruch vondruch at
Wed Dec 14 13:33:18 UTC 2011


I have uploaded updated version of Ruby 1.9.3 packages into my testing 
repository. They are probably very close to the shape of Ruby I'd like 
to see in future Fedoras. The main changes are:

- Install RubyGems library outside of Ruby directory structure into 
/usr/share/rubygems folder. This should allows us to share RubyGems 
among different Ruby implementations.
- Installed gems are now divided into different directories. Gems 
installed by regular user goes into his/her home directory, gems 
installed by root goes to /usr/local/ directory, while the gems 
installed by RPM will go into /usr directory.
- "gem install" now installs gems into share/gems directory while their 
binary extensions goes into lib{64}/gems directory. This (in theory) 
allows to install binary gems side by side without conflicts.
- RubyGems has now its own -devel subpackage, which will be need in the 
future for build of RPM packages.
- Enhanced macros.ruby and macros.rubygems.
- All tests are green now (credits goes to bkabrda).

The detailed changelog you can find at GitHub repo [1]. If you have 
previously installed Ruby 1.9.3 from my testing repository, you should 
be able to simply do:

# yum update ruby

However, please note that due to directory structure changes, you might 
need reinstall all your gems.

And as always, any feedback is appreciated.



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