Ruby 1.9.3 - Problematic Packages

Bohuslav Kabrda bkabrda at
Wed Dec 21 11:32:37 UTC 2011

as I promised, here is the list of packages that either don't work at all or they need some fixtures/patches (mostly tests):

To explain my notes:
- The 'struct RString' or 'struct RArray' means, that the package has a binary extension, which is not adapted to changes in Ruby 1.9.3 Ruby C API (see [1] for example).
- Tests, reported <url> means, that the package builds/compiles, but some tests fail, and the url is where I reported the failures.
- The others are hopefully understandable :) If not, feel free to contact me.

elice - sort it out after we replace ruby-racc by rubygem-racc
eruby - will probably be made obsolete, see BZ 761518
gdal - currently ftbfs in koji with Ruby 1.8.7
geos - 'struct RArray' - reported
kazehakase - 'struct RArray' - reported
kross-interpreters - wants env.h, already reported
libcaca - 'struct RString'
libdmtx - 'struct RString' - in new version, ruby support is separated into dmtx-wrappers
libguestft - ftbfs in mock (Cannot retrieve repository metadata (repomd.xml) for local repository: ruby_1.9.3.), this is probably due to testing with a local repo, but it builds locally, so it's probably ok
libprelude - 'struct RArray', upstream dead?
migemo - tests fail, possible solution mentioned in spec
obexftp - 'struct RString' - reported
openwsman - fails to build, reported
qdbm - 'struct RString' and upstream seems dead
root - 'struct RString' - reported
ruby-fam - 'struct RString' and upstream is dead -> reported BZ 769230
ruby-postgres - 'struct RString' and obsoleted by rubygem-pg -> reported BZ 769256
ruby-qpid - 'struct RString' -> reported BZ 769259, should be solved by new version, when it gets to Rawhide
ruby-racc - upstram is dead, we should replace it by rubygem-racc
ruby-revolution - 'struct RString' and upstream is dead -> reported BZ 769284
ruby-RRDTool - 'struct RArray' and upstream is dead -> reported BZ 769288
rubygem-activeldap - will need update after gettext_i18n_rails gets to Fedora
rubygem-boxgrinder-build - investigate test failures
rubygem-fastercsv - should be deprecated, ruby 1.9.3 has its own fastercsv
rubygem-fastthread - not needed - should be supported in Ruby 1.9.3, dependent packages seem to work without it
rubygem-ferret - 'struct RArray' and upstream seems dead - there are some links to possibly working variants on its Github, maybe have a look there:
rubygem-gettext-active_record - FTBFS already reported BZ 716214
rubygem-locale_rails - doesn't work with Rails > 3, should be retired
rubygem-main - needs update to new version and for that, it needs rubygem-map (will have to be created)
rubygem-maruku - tests, reported
rubygem-mkrf - tests, reported
rubygem-mocha - tests, reported
rubygem-pam - 'struct RArray' and upstream is dead
rubygem-oniguruma - 'struct RString' and it is included in 1.9.3
rubygem-rack - tests, reported
rubygem-rmail - weird encoding issue, upstream dead
rubygem-tilt - tests, reported, should be fixed when RedCloth is updated
rubygem-whiskey_disk - problems with tests - some facon/bacon issue? (but it should work, we should update both bacon and facon)
rubygem-zoom - doesn't work with 1.9.3, but there is a port at, will probably need a re-review (not a gem)
sdljava - some swig problem connected with ruby processing of the source, upstream is dead
skf - tests, reported
subversion - doesn't work with Ruby >= 1.9 at all (up to this moment)
tango - currently ftbfs in koji with Ruby 1.8.7

rubygem-{linecache,ruby-debug,ruby-debug-base} - we will need their 1.9 variants: rubygem-{linecache,ruby-debug,ruby-debug-base}19

I will try to upload my testing repo, or at least modified specfiles somewhere public, so that everyone can take a look at it. There is however one little leftover - the binary extensions of gems are currently placed in %{ruby_vendorarchdir}, but will go to %{gem_extdir}, that should be located in %{_libdir}/gems/exts/%{gem_name}-%{version}. This is Vit's work and I believe that everyone can finish the relocation of binary extensions by himself once Vit is done.



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