Redmine in Fedora?

Vít Ondruch vondruch at
Thu Jul 19 12:14:09 UTC 2012

Dne 19.7.2012 09:51, Emanuel Rietveld napsal(a):
> 1. I've been following the discussion about bundler and system 
> libraries with interest. On my Fedora 17 and 18 systems, I have 
> applied a small patch to get bundler to call spec.activate on the gem 
> instead of using its own method of activating gems, and since then 
> bundler has loaded all system gems (installed with rpm) without issue. 
> Despite that, I have chosen not to use bundler for redmine, because it 
> was easier. I don't think it would be much trouble to use it, provided 
> that small patch could be applied to Fedora bundler.

Hm, I saw that patch somewehere, but it was probably incompatible with 
older RubyGems, therefore not applicable for Bundler. On the other hand, 
there is plenty RubyGems version specific hacks, so that might be 
another one.

> The right thing to do is to work hard, track development of all
> dependency relationships on Fedora (perhaps responsibility of package
> maintainer), know when api-breaking changes are going to happen and
> work with upstreams as early as possible to move them over to the new
> version.

I like this scenario, but who will do that? If you volunteer, then there 
is no problem :) But it means that you will become more or less Redmine 


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