Rubygem RPMs and "yum update"

Vít Ondruch vondruch at
Wed Jan 2 08:45:55 UTC 2013

Hi Philip,

Dne 1.1.2013 17:38, Philip Rhoades napsal(a):
> People,
> I have just upgraded to Fedora 18 x86_64 and installed all the 
> Ruby/Rails RPMs but I notice when I create a test rails app and then 
> add something to Gemfile and do "bundle install", the system starts 
> pulling in all the native Gems - I would like to stick to just using RPMs

You could try the '--local', which should prefer already installed gems.

> - so I presume "bundle install" does not get used in the change to the 
> RPM environment? (ie I should manually install the missing gem RPMs).

I am not aware of any better way how to do it. But may be somebody from 
Aeolus or Katello could provide more information, since they are using 
similar workflow, i.e. they are developing with RPM gems.

> Also, I presume one has to be careful about doing a system-wide update 
> of RPMs with "yum update" in case updated Gems break stuff specified 
> in Gemfile.lock?

Once you have everything installed, the 'bundle install --local' should 
update your Gemfile.lock just fine.

Actually, is there reason to use Gemfile and Bundler at all? I would say 
that the Rails application will work without it just fine.


> Thanks,
> Phil.

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