Is it ok to omit some BuildRequires?

Vít Ondruch vondruch at
Mon Jul 8 10:37:41 UTC 2013

Dne 6.7.2013 09:55, Axilleas Pipinellis napsal(a):
> Hey guys,
> There are some gems that in order to run their test suite, they 
> require some other gems that are not yet packaged. For example see 
> here [0] the orm_adapter, where I have commented what we are missing.
> I have seen this behaviour and with some other rubygem packages on 
> gitweb.
> Is it ok to omit some BuildRequires and to what degree is that tolerable?
> Thanks
> [0] 

It is ok to omit some.

For example, ActiveRecord supports many database adapters, but it is 
tested just against Sqlite3, since the other databases are not that easy 
to setup (but there is BZ to run the test suite also with PG).

There is for example Tilt templating engine, which supports many 
backends and not everone is in Fedora yet. But as soon as they are 
introduced into Fedora, they should be enabled, therefore it is good to 
comment the .spec file appropriately.

The tolerable degree is best to discuss with reviewer, if you are 
unsure. There is not definitive answer, but the less you omit, the better.


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