Bringing GitLab in Fedora

Axilleas Pipinellis axilleas at
Sat Mar 2 01:49:31 UTC 2013

Hello dear list!

I am applying for this year's GSOC [0] and I would like to contribute by 
bringing GitLab [1][2] in Fedora. For those that don't already know 
GitLab, it is a Self hosted Git management software written on Ruby on 
Rails, pretty much like github's interface (you can try a demo here [3]).

It is a ruby app with lots of dependencies and I think this is a great 
opportunity to extend the list of packaged gems supported by Fedora. Let 
alone the fact that with the momentum GitLab has gained (it is in the 
top 50 most popular open source projects on github) it would be an asset 
if Fedora had this packaged. Also, the core developer was more than 
willing to help with the process [4].

I could use any help needed on packaging. I have already exchanged a 
couple of mails with Vit Ondruch and he pointed me to a direction. In 
fact I am in the middle of reading all the related stuff from the wiki.

So what are your thoughts? Any guidance, ideas or insights are very much 



PS. There is also the thought of deploying GitLab to git repositories on, but that's irrelevant to this list.


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