RubyGems packaging with Ruby 2.1.0

Vít Ondruch vondruch at
Fri Jan 10 14:11:18 UTC 2014

Dne 23.12.2013 18:24, Vít Ondruch napsal(a):
> 1) Modify our operating_system.rb and let it treat gem installation
> into %{buildroot} specially

I went ahead with this option and this [1] is the implementation. In
attachment, you can see the changes needed to rubygem-bcrypt-ruby.spec.
Few comments:

* I am going to backport patches to remove the "rm -rf
%{buildroot}%{gem_dir}/doc/extensions" need.

* Not sure if there is some neat way how to get rid of the
"-I%{buildroot}%{gem_extdir_mri}" from the %check section though :/ May
be "-I$(dirs +1)%{gem_extdir_mri}" could be better pattern, since it
points into ${_builddir}, i.e. into the directory where the test suite
is executed. Any thoughts on this topic?


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