Package: newt-0.52.11-3.fc14 Tag: dist-f14 Status: complete Built by: karsten

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Fri Aug 6 07:50:36 UTC 2010

Package: newt-0.52.11-3.fc14
Tag: dist-f14
Status: complete
Built by: karsten
ID: 34981
Started: Fri, 06 Aug 2010 03:48:09 EDT
Finished: Fri, 06 Aug 2010 03:50:11 EDT
* Wed Jul 21 2010 David Malcolm <dmalcolm at> - 0.52.11-3
- Rebuilt for

* Thu Jan 07 2010 Hans de Goede <hdegoede at> - 0.52.11-2
- Change python_sitearch macro to use %global as the new rpm will break
  using %define here, see:

* Thu Sep 24 2009 Miroslav Lichvar <mlichvar at> - 0.52.11-1
- fix buffer overflow in textbox when reflowing (#523955, CVE-2009-2905)
- use full textbox width when reflowing and allow minimal width 1
- fix writing lines longer than width in textbox
- don't use va_list in newtvwindow more than once (#523696)
- bind \E[Z to back-tab in built-in keymap (#468046)
- terminate string after reading file in whiptail
- add newtRadioSetCurrent function (Thomas Jarosch)
- add pkgconfig support (Thomas Jarosch)
- add Malay, Malayalam, Assamese, Gujarati, Bengali India, Kannada, Telugu
- include tutorial in txt format
- include debian patches
  - fix crash in textbox SetText when topLines != 0
  - don't link modules with libraries already linked with libnewt
  - add Asturian and Marathi translations


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Task 197459 on
Task Type: buildSRPMFromSCM (/newt:c39a24d9d225699b05110d080bef15c36873a1dd)

Task 197468 on
Task Type: tagBuild (noarch)

Task 197462 on
Task Type: buildArch (newt-0.52.11-3.fc14.src.rpm, s390)

Task 197463 on
Task Type: buildArch (newt-0.52.11-3.fc14.src.rpm, s390x)

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