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Wed Nov 10 19:34:37 UTC 2010

Package: lvm2-2.02.74-1.fc15
Tag: None
Status: complete
Built by: sharkcz
ID: 39708
Started: Wed, 10 Nov 2010 12:30:06 EST
Finished: Wed, 10 Nov 2010 12:33:11 EST
* Fri Sep 24 2010 Alasdair Kergon <agk at> - 2.02.74-1
- Fix the way regions are marked complete to avoid slow --nosync cmirror I/O.
- Add DM_REPORT_FIELD_TYPE_ID_LEN to libdevmapper.h.
- Allow : and @ to be escaped with \ in device names of PVs.
- Avoid stack corruption when reading in large metadata.
- Fix partial mode operations for lvm1 metadata format.
- Track recursive filter iteration to avoid refreshing while in use. (2.02.56)
- Allocate buffer for metadata tags dynamically to remove 4k limit.
- Add random suffix to archive file names to prevent races when being created.
- Reinitialize archive and backup handling on toolcontext refresh.
- Make poll_mirror_progress report PROGRESS_CHECK_FAILED if LV is not a mirror.
- Like mirrors, don't scan origins if ignore_suspended_devices() is set.
- Automatically generate tailored LSB Requires-Start for clvmd init script.
- Fix return code of pvmove --abort PV.
- Fix pvmove --abort to remove even for empty pvmove LV.
- Add implementation for simple numeric 'get' property functions.
- Simplify MD/swap signature detection in pvcreate and allow aborting.
- Allow --yes to be used without --force mode.
- Fix file descriptor leak in swap signature detection error path.
- Detect and allow abort in pvcreate if LUKS signature is detected.

* Wed Aug 25 2010 Peter Rajnoha <prajnoha at> - 2.02.73-2
- Add configure --with-default-data-alignment.
- Update heuristic used for default and detected data alignment.
- Add "devices/default_data_alignment" to lvm.conf.

* Wed Aug 18 2010 Alasdair Kergon <agk at> - 2.02.73-1
- Change default alignment of data extents to 1MB.
- Add --norestorefile option to pvcreate.
- Require --restorefile when using pvcreate --uuid.
- Fix potential for corruption during cluster mirror device failure.
- Ignore snapshots when performing mirror recovery beneath an origin.
- Monitor origin -real device below snapshot instead of overlay device.
- Don't really change monitoring status when in test mode.
- Fix some exit statuses when starting/stopping monitoring fails.
- Enable snapshot monitoring by default when dmeventd is enabled.
- Fix 'lvconvert --splitmirrors' in cluster operation.
- Fix clvmd init script exit code to return 4 when executed as non-root user.
- Recognise and give preference to md device partitions (blkext major).
- Never scan internal LVM devices.
- Don't ignore user-specified PVs in split-mirror operations. (2.02.71)
- Fix data corruption bug in cluster mirrors.
- Require logical volume(s) to be explicitly named for lvconvert --merge.
- Avoid changing aligned pe_start as a side-effect of a log message.
- Use built-in rule for device aliases: block/ < dm- < disk/ < mapper/ < other.
- Handle failure of all mirrored log devices and all but one mirror leg. 
- Disallow 'mirrored' log type for cluster mirrors.
- Fix configure to supply DEFAULT_RUN_DIR to Makefiles.
- Fix allocation of wrong number of mirror logs with 'remove' fault policy.
- Add dmeventd/executable to lvm.conf to test alternative dmeventd.
- Fix udev rules to support udev database content generated by older rules.
- Reinstate detection of inappropriate uevent with DISK_RO set and suppress it.
- Fix regex ttree off-by-one error.
- Fix segfault in regex matcher with characters of ordinal value > 127.
- Wait for node creation before displaying debug info in dmsetup.
- Fix return status 0 for "dmsetup info -c -o help".


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