Package: gdal-1.7.3-14.fc16 Tag: None Status: complete Built by: sharkcz

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Tue Mar 6 02:57:24 UTC 2012

Package: gdal-1.7.3-14.fc16
Tag: None
Status: complete
Built by: sharkcz
ID: 102402
Started: Mon, 05 Mar 2012 19:28:08 EST
Finished: Mon, 05 Mar 2012 19:56:13 EST
* Sun Feb 19 2012 Volker Fröhlich <volker27 at> - 1.7.3-14
- Require Ruby abi
- Add patch for Ruby 1.9 include dir, back-ported from GDAL 1.9
- Change version string for gdal-config from <version>-fedora to
- Revert installation path for Ruby modules, as it proved wrong
- Use libjpeg-turbo

* Thu Feb 09 2012 Volker Fröhlich <volker27 at> - 1.7.3-13
- Rebuild for Ruby 1.9

* Tue Jan 10 2012 Volker Fröhlich <volker27 at> - 1.7.3-12
- Remove FC10 specific patch0
- Versioned MODULE_COMPAT_ Requires for Perl (BZ 768265)
- Add isa macro to base package Requires
- Remove conditional for xerces_c in EL6, as EL6 has xerces_c
  even for ppc64 via EPEL
- Remove EL4 conditionals
- Replace the python_lib macro definition and install Python bindings
  to sitearch directory, where they belong
- Use correct dap library names for linking
- Correct Ruby installation path in the Makefile instead of moving it later
- Use libdir variable in ppc64 Python path
- Delete obsolete chmod for Python libraries
- Move correction for Doxygen footer to prep section
- Delete bundled libraries before building
- Build without bsb and remove it from the tarball
- Use mavenpomdir macro and be a bit more precise on manpages in
  the files section
- Remove elements for grass support --> Will be replaced by plug-in
- Remove unnecessary defattr
- Correct version number in POM
- Allow for libpng 1.5


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