Package: luci-0.25.0-1.fc15 Tag: None Status: complete Built by: sharkcz

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Wed Mar 14 10:53:31 UTC 2012

Package: luci-0.25.0-1.fc15
Tag: None
Status: complete
Built by: sharkcz
ID: 102867
Started: Wed, 14 Mar 2012 03:49:18 EDT
Finished: Wed, 14 Mar 2012 03:52:13 EDT
* Mon Aug 01 2011 Ryan McCabe <rmccabe at> - 0.25.0-1
- New upstream release 0.25.0

* Fri Apr 15 2011 Fabio M. Di Nitto <fdinitto at> - 0.24.0-2
- Fix spec file from 0.24.0 import:
  - readd alphatag to support git snapshots
  - drop exclusivearch on fedora
  - readd missing changelog entries

* Thu Apr 14 2011 Ryan McCabe <rmccabe at> - 0.24.0-1
- New upstream release (0.24.0)

- Fix bz472972 (Separate the Oracle 10g Failover Instance in Conga to two resources called "Oracle Instance" and "Oracle Listener")
- Fix bz536841 (Need ability to change number of votes for a node through luci)
- Fix bz557234 (luci update to handle private network/hostnames for cluster create/config)
- Fix bz600057 (Fix node uptime display)
- Fix bz600078 (Warn about qdisk use for certain configurations)
- Fix bz605932 (Missing "reset to defaults" button in qdisk configuration)
- Fix bz613155 (running luci init script as non-root user results in traceback)
- Fix bz613871 (luci should not give ungraceful error messages when encountering fence devices that it does not recognize/support)
- Fix bz614963 (Python 2.6 deprecation of BaseException.message)
- Fix bz616239 (Need option to completely destroy cluster)
- Fix bz617586 (Implement progress dialog for long-running operations)
- Fix bz617587 (Luci doesn't display underlying errors)
- Fix bz618701 (Spaces in cluster name confuse luci)
- Fix bz620343 (Consider renaming "Services" to "Service Groups")
- Fix bz620373 (Consider changing the tab order)
- Fix bz620377 (Drop-down menus do not remember the selection)
- Fix bz622562 (Need to add support for unfencing conf. generation for SAN fencing agents and fence_scsi)
- Fix bz624558 (replace broadcast option with udpu)
- Fix bz624716 (luci displays misleading error status on initial cluster configuration pages)
- Fix bz632344 (Enable centralized logging configuration via Luci)
- Fix bz633983 (Luci does not handle parameter "nodename" related to fence_scsi fence agent correctly)
- Fix bz636267 ("Update" buttons at "Fence Devices" tab do effectively nothing)
- Fix bz636300 (Egenera fence agent: specifying username not arranged correctly)
- Fix bz637223 (Cisco UCS Fencing Agent)
- Fix bz639107 (Add luci support for configuring fence_rhev)
- Fix bz639111 (Support configuration of non-critical resources)
- Fix bz639120 (Create "expert" user mode)
- Fix bz639123 (Disable action buttons when no nodes are selected)
- Fix bz639124 (Reconcile local database with changes in cluster membership made outside of luci)
- Fix bz643488 (inconsistent er/upper casing)
- Fix bz659014 (Luci returns an Error 500 when accessing node configuration with FQDN names)
- Fix bz666971 (Disable updates to static routes by RHCS IP tooling)
- Fix bz678366 (fence management not fully functional)
- Fix bz678424 (can't add node to existing cluster)
- Fix bz682843 (luci still tries to setup obsolete Resource)


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