Fedora 17 for IBM System z 64bit pre-release

Dan Horák dan at danny.cz
Fri Jun 8 07:02:28 UTC 2012


Fedora 17 for the primary architecture (aka x86 and x86_64) was released
last week so it's the right time to do a pre-release of Fedora/s390x
with a GA release in one or two weeks. The content is very very close to
the content of the GA on the primary, so the main "pre" part is our
installation mechanism which underwent big changes. The long time used
linuxrc script used for configuring stuff on s390x was dropped and now
we rely on dracut completely, see
https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Architectures/s390x/17#Release_Notes for
more details and sample generic.prm and report any issues found so they
can be fixed for the next release, because we can now fix only critical
bugs without delaying the GA for additional weeks or even months. Work
on Fedora 18 has already started.

Installation images and repository is available at

Your Fedora/s390x Maintainers

Dan Horák
Senior Software Engineer, BaseOS

Red Hat Czech s.r.o., Purkyňova 99, 612 45 Brno

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