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Jeffrey C. Ollie (jcollie) fedora-extras-commits at redhat.com
Wed Oct 18 19:41:29 UTC 2006

Author: jcollie

Update of /cvs/extras/owners
In directory cvs-int.fedora.redhat.com:/tmp/cvs-serv2423

Modified Files:
Log Message:
Adding libpri.

Index: owners.list
RCS file: /cvs/extras/owners/owners.list,v
retrieving revision 1.1850
retrieving revision 1.1851
diff -u -r1.1850 -r1.1851
--- owners.list	18 Oct 2006 16:04:58 -0000	1.1850
+++ owners.list	18 Oct 2006 19:40:58 -0000	1.1851
@@ -924,6 +924,7 @@
 Fedora Extras|libpng10|Old version of libpng, needed to run old binaries|paul at city-fan.org|extras-qa at fedoraproject.org|
 Fedora Extras|libpolyxmass|Polymer chemistry-related functionalities|andreas.bierfert at lowlatency.de|extras-qa at fedoraproject.org|
 Fedora Extras|libpqxx|C++ client API for PostgreSQL|andreas.bierfert at lowlatency.de|extras-qa at fedoraproject.org|
+Fedora Extras|libpri|An implementation of Primary Rate ISDN|jeff at ocjtech.us|extras-qa at fedoraproject.org|
 Fedora Extras|libqalculate|Multi-purpose calculator library|dakingun at gmail.com|extras-qa at fedoraproject.org|
 Fedora Extras|libreadline-java|A Java wrapper around EditLine|ifoox at redhat.com|extras-qa at fedoraproject.org|
 Fedora Extras|libresample|A real-time library for audio sampling rate conversion|jeff at ocjtech.us|extras-qa at fedoraproject.org|

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