[python-heatclient] Created tag 0.2.0

Jeff Peeler jpeeler at fedoraproject.org
Tue Dec 10 06:50:12 UTC 2013

The signed tag '0.2.0' was created.

Tagger: Steve Baker <sbaker at redhat.com>
Date: Wed Feb 27 10:18:38 2013 +1300

    Release of python-heatclient 0.2.0


Angus Salkeld (1):
      Don't log at all if debugging is not turned on

Dan Radez (1):
      adding test coverage for common/http, improving the redirect handling

Dirk Mueller (1):
      Return the exit code from tox to callers of run_tests.sh

Ian Main (1):
      Add switch to disable token authentication.

Jenkins (7):
      Merge "Pass username and password as well as token."
      Merge "Support name or id for stack operations."
      Merge "Pass template as a string if it is not JSON."
      Merge "remove some glanceisms from the docs"
      Merge "Deprecate commands and add unified cli replacements."
      Merge "Update to latest oslo-incubator"
      Merge "Switch to using version.canonical_version_string"

Jeremy Stanley (1):
      Update .gitreview for org move.

Monty Taylor (1):
      Add .gitreview file.

Steve Baker (42):
      Initial import
      initial version
      Define CLI commands and arguments for entire API.
      Merge branch 'master' of https://github.com/steveb/python-heatclient
      Swap readme files
      fix readme path
      add some more non-functioning skeleton code
      Format parameters for create call
      pyc files should not have been committed
      Get fakes and mox working so that any http request/response sequence can be     test scripted
      setup tweaks
      Mock at the json request level instead of the http connection level. Test create.
      Properly configure debug logging
      pass the dict to print_dict
      Some slightly more realistic mock responses.     Regexp asserts to check pretty print is printing something
      resolve test template file path no matter where it is run from
      Allow labels to be specified separately from field keys
      Shell unit tests, remove unused code, display real results from REST API
      Allow pretty_dict to take optional formatters
      Implement describe, and format the results
      An error response shouldn't be logged as an error, since it is part of the REST API
      Allow sort column to be specified
      set up default logging even when not debugging
      Feature parity with REST API     - Give a nice message for 404 for non-existent stack id     - implement delete, gettemplate, validate     - run do_list after create, delete     - don't encode the json template as a json string
      - Comment out commands that don't yet have a REST API equivalent     - Use Name/ID when specifying a stack
      pep8 and more tests
      Pass username and password as well as token.
      Support name or id for stack operations.
      Implement client resource support.
      Ignore heatclient/versioninfo
      Pass template as a string if it is not JSON.
      Use python-keystoneclient 0.2 series
      Support for events list and details
      add some pypi meta info
      remove some glanceisms from the docs
      Deprecate commands and add unified cli replacements.
      Fix git repo url
      Display a better error message on HTTP exception
      Update to latest oslo-incubator
      Switch to using version.canonical_version_string
      Relax the required version of prettytable.
      Fixes required for packaging

Steven Dake (1):
      first commit

Steven Hardy (2):
      heatclient : correct timeout parameter name
      heatclient : Add --disable-rollback option

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