[python-heatclient] Created tag 0.2.3

Jeff Peeler jpeeler at fedoraproject.org
Tue Dec 10 06:50:27 UTC 2013

The signed tag '0.2.3' was created.

Tagger: Steve Baker <sbaker at redhat.com>
Date: Wed Jul 17 10:42:47 2013 +1200

    Release 0.2.3

Changes since the last tag '0.2.2':

Angus Salkeld (8):
      Fix some "H" pep errors
      Migrate to testr from nose.
      Add support for environment files
      Fix all the pep8  E* and F* errors.
      Fix all but H302 hacking rules.
      Upload provider templates referenced in the environment.
      Fix "heat validate" (add needed environment option)
      Make the parameter checking consistent.

Bryan D. Payne (1):
      Stop passing path to VerifiedHTTPSConnection

Dirk Mueller (6):
      Restore compatibility with PrettyTable < 0.7.2
      Use Python 3.x compatible except: construct
      Include .testr.conf in source tarball
      Fix various smaller pep8 issues
      Raise requirements to be in sync with OpenStack/Requirements
      Rename README.md to README.rst

Jenkins (10):
      Merge "Migrate to testr from nose."
      Merge "Add support for environment files"
      Merge "Use Python 3.x compatible except: construct"
      Merge "Include .testr.conf in source tarball"
      Merge "Stop passing path to VerifiedHTTPSConnection"
      Merge "Unit tests for pretty table special formatters."
      Merge "Format resource required_by in resource-show."
      Merge "Fix "heat validate" (add needed environment option)"
      Merge "Rename README.md to README.rst"
      Merge "Only set X-Auth-User, X-Auth-Key on stack create/update."

Lin Hua Cheng (1):
      Update upper bound of keystoneclient version.

Monty Taylor (8):
      Cleaned up code in anticipation of flake8.
      Migrate to flake8.
      Migrate to pbr.
      Add CONTRIBUTING file.
      Move requirements files to standard names.
      Move tests into package dir.
      Migrate test base classes to testtools.
      Remove explicit distribute depend.

Steve Baker (5):
      flake8 ignore build directory.
      Unit tests for pretty table special formatters.
      Format resource required_by in resource-show.
      Only set X-Auth-User, X-Auth-Key on stack create/update.
      Cleanup in preperation for release.

Steven Hardy (1):
      Add support for suspend/resume actions

Sulochan Acharya (1):
      Fixes text split for parameters

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