execstack and execmem

Shintaro Fujiwara shintaro.fujiwara at gmail.com
Fri Apr 9 11:36:39 UTC 2010

Hi, I'm recently working on F12 web server and I got httpd_t execstack
and execmem.
Can I allow those ?
The server I'm woking on right now is a test server which have copied
all the contents from FC6 which I have move on permissive mode for
half a year.
I have not read a log at all on FC6 server.
I'm trying to move all the contents that I have now on F12.
I already succeeded another web server which has no script stuff so
the problem may caused by the script which I have written for certain

The server I'm working I can't touch couple of days, but some script I
wrote wants to do that, I guess.
The script has a type httpd_sys_content_t still, so that may be a problem.
Yes, it's in the documentroot of Apache.

Maybe I should put the script outside of documentroot or label other
than httpd stuff with local.pp.

I could not have time to read that thouroughly, but I can report on Monday.

I will report this matter till I get the right answer and I run the
server right.

Thanks in advance.
segatex--SELinux tool


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