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> Hello all,
> When I get a SEL alert it refers only to to the actual directory and not
> the full pathname. For example:
> SELinux is preventing /usr/sbin/smbd from create access on the directory
> 05.
> The advice for fixing this alert is probably useful but without knowing
> the full path is actually completely useless:
> If you want to allow smbd to have create access on the 05 directory
> Then you need to change the label on '05'
> Do
> # semanage fcontext -a -t samba_share_t '05'
> # restorecon  -v '05'
> The problem is - I don't know where directory "05" is. It's probably
> some temporary cache file or some such and trying to even find its
> parent directory with a name like "05" makes using 'locate' or 'find'
> really quite hard work.
> In this case the alert(s) (there were several - each with a different
> numerical directory name) were actually caused when I tried to sync my
> iPhone using iTunes installed on a Windows XP virtual machine running
> under VirtualBox on this Fedora 16 host, accessing the music library via
> a Samba share on a separate partition on the Fedora 16 box.... Yeah... I
> know....
> But anyway - if I could find the full path of the directory in question
> I *might* be able to take a closer look at where the problem lies...
> Thanks in advance for any help or suggestions.
> Mark
> In this post Dan Walsh describe the issue, and the resolutions, in more


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