GIMP help shouldn't need execstack, should it?

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Fri Jan 7 15:25:32 UTC 2011

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On 01/07/2011 09:11 AM, Dominick Grift wrote:
> On 01/06/2011 11:49 PM, Göran Uddeborg wrote:
>> I discovered recently that gimp help crashes with a segmentation fault
>> and an execmem AVC denial.  I could make it work either by setting
>> allow_execstack to on, or by changing the type of
>> /usr/lib64/gimp/2.0/plug-ins/help-browser to
>> unconfined_execmem_exec_t.
> see if it works when you remove the execstack flag from help-browser
> (man execstack)
> But in general i believe execstack should most of the time not be needed
> in Linux
>> I assume this is a bug in the help-browser that I should report.  My
>> understanding is that execstack should not be needed.  But before I do
>> I thought I check with the knowledgable people here.  Is this AVC
>> denial a result of an application bug, or could it be valid for gimp
>> help to request this?
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We have had a slew of bugzillas on this lately.  I think some libraries
in rpmfusion or one of the other Not Fully Open, yum repositories have
some libraries that are marked as requiring execstack.

We have been closing these with a link to this bugzilla.

I have hard coded my comment in it on how to look for the libraries.
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