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David Huff dhuff at
Tue Jan 6 15:47:52 UTC 2009

Dan Horák wrote:
 > Oh, it's never too late for a good discussion about the effective use
 > our limited resources :-)

I agree

> And there were rumours that it is hard to define a server. Only your
> focus is on the virtual hardware.

Although most of the focus is on Virtual Servers, running in an virtual 
container, we still acknowledge that an appliance can be a traditional 
"bare metal" appliance, and there are some benefits to running on real 
hardware.  Most everything we have done will also work on bare metal.

>>>  - create a lightweight installer/bootstraper
>> see the appliance-creator,
> Yes, perhaps with only the support for real hardware missing after a
> very brief view.

although the appliance creator tool is designed to spit out a "virtual 
disk image" since all its doing is a chrooted yum install from a ks file 
there are already tools out there that can do the same for a bare metal, 
  livecd-creator and anaconda.

Although I will admit there are some differences in a box built with 
anaconda and livecd-creator using the same kickstart file.


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