State of GFS, OCFS2, Clustering, iSCSI, etc. in Fedora

Dennis J. dennisml at
Sun Jan 11 00:29:04 UTC 2009

On 01/08/2009 03:36 PM, Dan Horák wrote:
> David Huff píše v St 07. 01. 2009 v 10:34 -0500:
> The Server SIG is the right place for these technologies, but we are in
> need of input from the "real world" about current deficiencies,
> problems, success stories etc.

That's how I ran into the problems I mentioned. In the near future I will 
have to setup approx. 30TB of storage that needs to be available for 5-10 
servers. The problem is that OCFS2 seems to be just plain broken, the web 
configuration tool described in the RHEL 5 manual for GFS is no longer 
present in Fedora and the cluster configuration tool doesn't work because 
it tries to call command line tools in the wrong locations.

What I'm wondering is that if fedora is the basis for RHEL then what are 
the plans for RHEL 6 regarding these technologies. AFAIK fedora 11 will 
form the basis for that but right now GFS and/or clustering in general 
seems to suffer from bit-rot.

I'm just surprised that GFS is a cornerstone of RHEL 5 but now seems to be 
basically unmaintained or is the RHEL team maintaining forked versions of 
these tools?


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