State of GFS, OCFS2, Clustering, iSCSI, etc. in Fedora (recap a few bits)

Fabio M. Di Nitto fdinitto at
Thu Jan 15 05:54:37 UTC 2009

On Thu, 2009-01-15 at 05:48 +0100, Dennis J. wrote:
> On 01/14/2009 09:03 PM, Fabio M. Di Nitto wrote:
> >> After having the problems with system-config-cluster I tried Conga as the
> >> alternative route for configuration but "luci" seems to have gone AWOL.
> >> According to Conga wasn't part of F7
> >> and F8 because of python compat. issues. Is this the reason that luci isn't
> >> part of F10?
> >
> > conga/luci and modules are there from F9. I have updates some of those
> > builds myself so I am sure they are there.
> >
> But where exactly are they? I've tried finding packages like "*luci*" and 
> "*conga*" with yum. I looked into the packages you mentioned previously 
> (modcluster, ricci, cluster-snmp and cluster-cim). I tried a repoquery for 
> "*luci*", "*Luci*", "*conga*" and "*Conga*" but none of the resulting 
> packages have anything to do with clustering.

Of course you can change i386 to whatever architecture you are running.

*conga* and *luci* are project name and one of the component names of
the above packages and they are mentioned in the package description.

> > Well some of them are valid issues, others are old/not updated
> > documentation that is still at RHEL5 level. Things have been evolving a
> > lot in the meantime and generally new docs are generated when a new
> > stable upstream release happens. So far (since RHEL5/STABLE2) there have
> > been no new major stable releases (with 3.0.0 upcoming in a couple of
> > months just for F11). So you are looking into a transition phase of the
> > software and expect to be everything already settled.
> Apparently my timing for diving into this was a bit unfortunate. A bit 
> earlier and I would have found things to be closer to the current 
> documentation on the web.
>  A bit later and the documentation probably would 
> have reflected the current state of things more.

I have asked people to start updating some of the conga web site
information already in my previous email.

> Thanks for the pointers so far. That information definitely helped to clear 
> some of the confusion surrounding the current state of cluster related 
> technologies in fedora for a newbie like me.

You want to spend a few minutes on our mailing list archive to read the
goals for next generation cluster (the ones _after_ F11) as all our
stacks (Novell - pacemaker, Oracle - ocfs2-tools and Red Hat cluster)
will converge into one, killing the whole decision problem at the root.
I am sure you will be interested in that process as well.


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