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David Huff dhuff at
Tue Jan 20 16:51:20 UTC 2009

Jeroen van Meeuwen wrote:
> Basil Mohamed Gohar wrote:
>> On Tue, 2009-01-20 at 10:10 +0100, Jeroen van Meeuwen wrote:
>>> While I'm not disagreeing, why not create "single CD install media" with 
>>> an option (in the isolinux.cfg menu) to have the minimum (working) set 
>>> of packages be installed, and the rest of the installation menu 
>>> interactive (partitioning, root password)?
>>> Bearing in mind that the Fedora Project already releases CDs, and that 
>>> I've fixed package ordering, the simplest win would be to add the menu 
>>> entry to the isolinux.cfg, and include one kickstart file on the disk 
>>> with just a %packages section.
>>> A user would still be able to run the normal installation procedure, or 
>>> supply a different kickstart on the cmdline (including the %packages 
>>> kickstart on the cdrom?) for full automation.

I agree that this would be a good scenario, however what I am looking 
for is ideas on what should be included in that %package section and how 
can we deliver this.  If we can get a good minimal package set defined 
and accepted by the community this could be used for many different 
applications, ie appliances, bare metal servers, or as you suggested at 
install time.

My experience has been that @core will not cut it because for our 
application we also need selinux, dns, and yum, and @core also pulls in 
a lot of stuff that is not needed.  Using core and adding kernel, 
dnsclient, yum, and lokkit pulls in 156 packages and used 439M.  There 
has go to be a better way to get a minimal package set....

Also how do we deliver it? Should this just be a kisckstart snippet with 
only a %package section?  If so this could possible be included in the 
kickstart pool.  or should this be a new comps group?

I have also included a package list of all the packages that are 
installed using @core and including adding kernel, dnsclient, yum, and 



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