Five basic principles for Fedora, from a server perspective.

Jeroen van Meeuwen kanarip at
Wed Sep 1 14:34:53 UTC 2010

Jon Masters wrote:
> I was talking with mizmo about core stability earlier. I think it's very
> important that we (Fedora) define a core Platform. Not a set of packages
> (though it can start with crit-path+perhaps a few other comps) but
> rather a specific set of use cases and a general description that
> encompasses that we expect the following to be stable:
> 1). Bootup.
> 2). Basic Libraries
> 3). Core system utilities
> <etc>

Here's a Radical Idea(TM);

- We take whatever is the package set of a current Enterprise Linux release as 
the basis.

Please bear with me while I put out this one:

- We branch off those packages and our policy is in the realm of "bug-fixes 
and security fixes only" -give or take-, but we allow ourselves to surprise 
you with a minor bump if we think it doesn't break anything (like, not kde-4.3 
to kde-4.4, but puppet-0.24 to puppet-0.25). In my opinion, if any of the 
consuming parties thinks otherwise it's about time such party had its voice 
heard upstream -and committed to doing the work.

- We provide "regular" support for one year -basically a stable update stream, 
possibly categorized like Jon suggests.

- We provide security-fix only support for half a year -for all of what would 
be considered "stable" for 19 months, the workload would come close to approx. 
1 FTE to do this on all and any current Fedora release. That would give the 
consuming party an additional 6 months to cope with either upgrading to the 
next release or making sure that the upcoming release does what he/she/it 

- We may or may not choose to include some of what is in EPEL.

-- Jeroen

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