Draft Server Roles Vision Statement

Máirín Duffy duffy at redhat.com
Tue Dec 3 17:51:22 UTC 2013

Hi :)

Here is the draft server roles vision statement we came up with in
today's meeting:

The vision for role installation (so far)

- Roles will be maintainable objects in a repo managed with Fedora
maintainer standards, integrated & coherent for things like email
server, groupware, etc.

- Users can select roles to add to a system, and would be provided with
a (wordpress first-run like [1]) wizard for some initial information and
they'll be given a working server using sane defaults. Optionally, the
user should also be able to deploy the role in a mass deployment without
having to interact with the wizard.

- The configuration should be able to be modified post-install (but not
necessarily via GUI right away; it's hard to commit to this.)


- We are concerned about the manpower required to maintain framework /
configs for this role installation vision.

- We very much prefer to find pre-existing projects / technology to make
role installation possible, which should help alleviate concerns about

- We will need maintainers for the roles.

Implementation details to be sorted out

- How the interactive wizard would work / what upstream it would use.

- How to allow non-interactive input of initial wizard config questions
to enable unattended / mass deployment.


[1] http://www.wpstuffs.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/12/setup_wordpress.jpg

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