Fedora Server Use Cases Prioritization

Stephen Gallagher sgallagh at redhat.com
Thu Dec 19 17:12:28 UTC 2013

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Today at the overflow meeting, we came up with nine use cases that we
believe we want to focus on with the Fedora Server product. We agreed
that we want to list these in priority order, but I want to open this
up to the wider server community so we can order these properly.

Please keep in mind that these use-cases are high-level and should not
be construed to be exhaustive or exclusive. There are several items in
this list that we need to coordinate with other working groups as well.

Please respond with your recommendations for the ordering of this list
(assuming that all entries remain as they are) so we can get a sense
of the relative importance of these items.

1) The user must be able to easily deploy and configure any supported
Fedora Server role. (Examples may include: FreeIPA Domain Controller,
BIND DNS, DHCP, Database server, iSCSI target, File/Storage server.)

2) The user must be able to query, monitor, configure and manage a
Fedora Server remotely using stable and consistent public interfaces.

3) The user must be able to simply enroll the Fedora Server into a
FreeIPA or Active Directory domain.

4) Users must be able to control and contain the resources consumed by
services running on the system.

5) Users must be able to rapidly re-deploy services in accordance with
their DevOps practices using Fedora Server.

6) ASK SOFTWARE COLLECTIONS WG The user must be able to easily deploy
and configure applications to supported high-value frameworks.
(Example frameworks: JBoss, Ruby on Rails, Django, Turbogears,
Node.js, PHP.)

7) ASK CLOUD WG Provide a platform for acting as a node in an
OpenStack rack.

8) ASK CLOUD WG Users must be able to create, manipulate and terminate
large numbers of containers using a stable and consistent interface.

9) Users must be able to use Fedora Server in fully headless
operation. We commit to supporting only those GUI applications that
can work with forwarded X (or the equivalent on other windowing systems)
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