Discussion of Fedora Server use-cases

Dennis Jacobfeuerborn dennisml at conversis.de
Tue Oct 29 15:12:48 UTC 2013

On 28.10.2013 23:55, Michael R. Davis wrote:
>>>    - /etc/fstab.d/ capability
>> Could you provide an example of why this might be useful? Do you
>> programmatically change mount points enough for this?
> I have applications that need mounts points.  I need to deploy to every server.  I'd like to do this in RPM easily not in chef or puppet or augtool.

Isn't this already covered by systemd's mount units?

>>>    - Moving /etc/yum.repos.d/*.repo files from fedora-release to an
>>> independent package that can optionally not be installed in the
>> Could you elaborate a bit on this one as well please?
> My IT guys will do a yum update before they remove the default repo files an we'll get Internet installed RPMs on our systems.  Which is a no-no for us.  We are required to only use the local repo which may be behind the latest on the net but that's what's been tested with the apps.
>>> We really need to fix the Oracle instant client mess.
>> I've not found oracle overly willing to help in most aspects. In most
>> cases they've been condescending and arrogant.
> We still need to do the best we can to make it easy.
> These are the RPMs that we have build.  I think most are home grown but there is no need for every company to repeat this mess.
> apr-util-oracle
> oracle-instantclient11.2-httpd
> oracle-instantclient11.2-wrapper
> oracle-instantclient11.2-bashrc
> oracle-instantclient11.2-ldconfig

Have you approached Oracle about this? I don't think that this is 
something Fedora should concern itself with. If Oracle then needs some 
adjustments in Fedora that can be dealt with but until then this is 
really just between Oracle and its users.

>>> Bottom line I think Fedora should provide the running building block or
>>> even full running applications like TurnKey Linux with a nice default
>>> configuration.  e.g. I need a running webserver "yum install httpd-on".
>>> I need a running database "yum install postgresql-server-on".
>> Would there be an equivalent -off for folks who wish to manually tinker
>> prior to enabling?
> yum erase httpd-on; turns it off it's just a wrapper package...
> but yum install httpd; service httpd start; would still work.
>> I'm not convinced that yum should be in the business of
>> enabling/disabling services like this.
> "yum" would not be. The spec "post" would actually "do" it.

Wether a service is started or not is a policy decision that is local to 
the site where the service is installed and as such shouldn't be 
hard-coded into a package. Site local configuration policies lie 
completely outside the scope of package management and as such littering 
the distribution with lots of "*-on" packages just to make life a tiny 
bit easier for lazy admins is a really terrible idea I think.


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