Discussion of Fedora Server use-cases

David Strauss david at davidstrauss.net
Wed Oct 30 00:23:31 UTC 2013

Without trying to directly reply to anyone in particular, here are my
primary interests:

 * Container host management, including at scale (10k containers per
host with container hibernation and migration capability)
 * Working with upstream and packagers to have first-class systemd
support, including native units and outsourcing privilege dropping,
logging, and socket listening to systemd. Maximize use of isolation
for capabilities, privileges, and namespaces. Continually raise the
bar for uniformity of configuration and management tools.
 * No packaged config shipping to /etc (system and services should use
defaults with empty /etc)

Ideally, this would mean services would ship in a way packaged to
install and run from a container, much like BIND sort of does now with
chroot. This model is useful for security, traditional multi-purpose
servers, and high-density compute usage.

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