Deliverables and release engineering changes for Fedora.Next

Jaroslav Reznik jreznik at
Wed Apr 23 13:35:35 UTC 2014

As it seems, Fedora.Next and product planning leads also to changes
how Fedora is produced and how it's going to be distributed to our

For this, we need to collect product deliverables, so needed changes
for release engineering can be planned (and implemented) and as I was
talking to Dennis, we're are currently blocked on it. 

I created rel-eng ticket - WGs, please, try to sum up required changes 
there (in consumable way), so we have it in one place (for possible
overlaps in requirements etc).

Currently, Alpha Change Deadline is planned for no earlier than
2014-07-22, it's not as far as it sounds, especially if changes
in releng are needed. So let's try to work this out as soon as

I suppose, in the end, FESCo should approve requested changes in 
product deliverables. So once requirements are collected, I'll
create (yet another) ticket for FESCo. Or even better - as Cloud
did - Change proposal would be the best solution, even after the
submission deadline.

(Sorry for cross-posting;-).


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