Deliverables and release engineering changes for Fedora.Next

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Thu Apr 24 17:09:54 UTC 2014

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On 04/23/2014 09:35 AM, Jaroslav Reznik wrote:
> Hi! As it seems, Fedora.Next and product planning leads also to
> changes how Fedora is produced and how it's going to be distributed
> to our users.
> For this, we need to collect product deliverables, so needed
> changes for release engineering can be planned (and implemented)
> and as I was talking to Dennis, we're are currently blocked on it.
> I created rel-eng ticket - WGs, please, try to sum up required
> changes there (in consumable way), so we have it in one place (for
> possible overlaps in requirements etc).

Before we submit this to the rel-eng ticket, we should come to a
consensus on exactly what we plan to ship in F21.

- From the Technical Specification[1]:

Fedora Server will run on and provide install media for i686, x86_64,
and armv7hl servers.

There will be two official install media for the Fedora Server:

* A network installation media (either a traditional netinst.iso or a style)
* A local installation media providing the default package set as well
as any featured roles that are meaningfully installed without a
network connection.
  * The local installation media will be allowed a maximum size to fit
on a 4.0GB USB device.
  * The local installation media can be pointed at network resources
to make available a larger package set.

We previously deferred the plans on what type of network-install media
we would support. I think it's probably time to bring that back up
now. The local installation media should be pretty straightforward.

- From previous discussions with Dennis Gilmore (CCed) it sounds to me
that our ISO-creation tools will build a network-install tree as a
side-effect, so if I understand correctly, we should be able to use
the classic netinst.iso or virt-install simply pointed at the Fedora
Server install tree as well. If this is the case, I'd suggest that we
should probably ship a netinst.iso that points at the Fedora Server tree.

> Currently, Alpha Change Deadline is planned for no earlier than 
> 2014-07-22, it's not as far as it sounds, especially if changes in
> releng are needed. So let's try to work this out as soon as 
> possible.
> I suppose, in the end, FESCo should approve requested changes in 
> product deliverables. So once requirements are collected, I'll 
> create (yet another) ticket for FESCo. Or even better - as Cloud 
> did - Change proposal would be the best solution, even after the 
> submission deadline.

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