Fedora Server WG Candidacy application

Dan Mossor dan.mossor at outlook.com
Wed Apr 30 00:50:53 UTC 2014

Good day fellow Server enthusiasts!

Firstly I would like to apologize for missing this morning's meeting - 
I'm in the finals stage of this semester at University, and I elected to 
take the day off to work on required school tasks.

Secondly, a little background. I am a Systems Engineer (according to my 
employer) which, translated, means I make heterogeneous - and sometimes 
"incompatible" - systems work together. I have been in IT since I was a 
child, and my service in the United States Navy gave me the training and 
experience I needed to make a pretty darned good career out of it. I've 
returned to University to finally get a degree - I don't currently have 
one and have reached the highest position I can without it.

I have been maintaining servers of one form or fashion since 1993. My 
first systems were HPUX and Sun Solaris 2.0. I set up my first Red Hat 
server in 1998 to serve as the DNS, web, ftp and file server for the 
Commander, US Navy Central Command. While at that station, I was 
appointed the Information Systems Security Officer, and was eventually 
recognized as having the most secure network in Central Command in 2000.

I have maintained CentOS (and Windows) servers in one flavor or another 
since 2003, and have just started the transition at my workplace to a 
virtualized infrastructure built on F19 and oVirt. As part of that 
transition, I have moved our file server from Windows to a CentOS 6.5 
server with Samba, pulling the data from another CentOS server via 
iSCSI. I've also deployed a F20 server to fill the role as a local 
repository, and another server as our first central identification and 
authorization using FreeIPA. There is also another instance in 
production serving double duty as the DNS server (integrated with the 
FreeIPA server) and eJabberd for a local network IM service.

On a separate network, I am running a pure CentOS environment doing DNS, 
web (with trac), file, IM, svn (moving to git), and three CentOS 
machines doing nothing but virtual hosting for test instances built on 
QEMU and libvirt. This network, while pure in and of itself, is in 
parallel with a Windows network that my developers work from. We are 
moving away from Windows based development environments to Fedora, so I 
can eventually call my network a pure Linux network.

In short, I am a maintainer of servers, and use them in my daily duties 
at my day job; I am an end-user of the product. My weakness in the 
Fedora community, however, is that I am not a developer. It's not what I 
do, I don't want to do it. I make the systems available for the 
developers to do their job. To that end, I am very good at what I do.

I feel that I would bring insight and ideas to the WG as an end user of 
the product - a voice that needs to be heard by any development project. 
It wouldn't do very good to build a product that isn't wanted, or worse, 
even needed.


Dan Mossor
Systems Engineer at Large
Fedora QA Team Volunteer
Fedora Infrastructure Apprentice
FAS: dmossor IRC: danofsatx
San Antonio, Texas, USA

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