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Mon Aug 4 12:11:21 UTC 2014

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On 08/04/2014 07:46 AM, Miloslav Trmač wrote:
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>> Right now, the deploy() routines have an output signature of '' 
>> (meaning they return on success or throw a D-BUS error, but
>> return no results).
>> I think we probably need to change this to 'a{ss}' (so that we
>> can return a dictionary of responses). My reasoning is that we
>> may have Roles that we deploy for which we will want to have 
>> one-time-only attributes returned (such as an autogenerated 
>> password). It seems to me that the best place for this would be
>> in the response to the deploy() operation.
>> Do you concur?
> Is it _that_ necessary?  Could we instead refuse to deploy without
> a provided password?  What I find problematic about returning a
> value after deploy() like this is that if you run deploy() from
> client and that client crashes/gets disconnected, the value is
> lost.

Hmm, that's a real concern. In the specific case I was thinking about,
it's next to impossible to recover this password (you'd have to

> (Secondarily, having a shell script parse the dictionary in json
> form would not be that great.)

True, but not as important as the first point.

> (In general I don’t like untyped dictionaries, but that’s mostly 
> aesthetic, a pain with having to manually wrap them in D-Bus
> objects. so neither here nor there.) Mirek

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