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Daniel Leveque dleveque06 at
Wed Aug 13 17:33:43 UTC 2014

Hello, I am running FC20 86_64.
I have websites (imported from a previous FC version)  which call 
writing data to files, namely by opening the file with fopen

Hereunder the simple code which is run:
$TEXT = fopen($fichier, "a");

I receive following notice:
*Warning*: fopen(guestbook.txt): failed to open stream: Permission 
denied in */var/www/html/IAAM/guestbook/index.php*
I have checked all permissions and they look OK
I have added selinux lines like : httpd_can_network_connect on
I have enabled some lines in php.ini like: allow_url_fopen  and 
allow_url_include on
A strange thing: the page containing fopen is called index.php; I cannot 
chown/chgrp/chmod it. If I force it, automatically after running the 
script, returns to the previous position.

I have found hords of items quoting this issue, but could not find any 
sound answer.
So far I had no such problem with previous FC OS

Thank you for your help

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