Final products content for F21 pre-release web

Andreas Nilsson lists at
Mon Aug 25 13:20:24 UTC 2014

On 08/25/2014 02:59 PM, Jaroslav Reznik wrote:
> Hi all!
> Websites team is asking for final text for the pre-release F21 web as it has
> to be translated to other languages in advance.
> For current content, take a look on staging web [1]. Please confirm it or
> provide final version asap.

Not sure if it's text specifically, but why are there four downloads on 
each page instead of one?
What is the recommended install? Is it the 64 bit Server image, or is it 
32 bit Netinstall?
I know it can be different answers for different people, but there must 
be an option that makes sense for the majority of systems, right?
Mozilla solved this so cleanly with Firefox. One primary download at and a separate page for 32 bit, different 
languages, OSes etc.

For the actual server text, a shorter and more to the point at the end: 
"The Fedora server product is made to support all of these important 
server use cases." -> "Fedora Server is made to support these important 
use cases".
- Andreas

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