Self Reintroduction and Candidacy Announcement

Stephen Gallagher sgallagh at
Mon Dec 1 12:54:45 UTC 2014

On Wed, 2014-11-26 at 20:13 -0600, Dan Mossor wrote:
> Good day fellow Server enthusiasts!
> I am hereby announcing my second candidacy for the Server Working Group.
> For those that didn't receive (or don't recall) the first self-intro I 
> did last April, here's a little background. I am a Systems Engineer 
> which, translated, means I make heterogeneous - and sometimes 
> "incompatible" - systems work together. I have been in IT since I was a 
> child, and my service in the United States Navy gave me the training and 
> experience I needed to make a pretty good career out of it. I've 
> returned to University to finally get a degree - I don't currently have 
> one and have reached the highest position I can without it.
> I have been maintaining servers of one form or fashion since 1993. My 
> first systems were HPUX and Sun Solaris 2.0. I set up my first Red Hat 
> server in 1998 to serve as the DNS, web, ftp and file server for the 
> Commander, US Navy Central Command. While at that station, I was 
> appointed the Information Systems Security Officer, and was eventually 
> recognized as having the most secure network in Central Command in 2000.
> I have maintained RHEL, CentOS, Fedora, Ubuntu, Debian, Solaris, BSD and 
> Windows servers in one flavor or another since 2003, and have been 
> slowly transitioning my current systems to a virtualized infrastructure 
> built on CentOS 7 and Openstack Juno. As part of that transition, I have 
> moved our file server from Windows to a  Fedora 21 server with Samba, 
> pulling the data from a storage server via iSCSI. I've also deployed a 
> F21 server to fill the role as a local repository (with most of the 
> aforementioned operating systems hosted), and another server as our 
> first central identification and authorization using FreeIPA. I have 
> other instances in production serving double duty as the DNS server 
> (integrated with the FreeIPA server) and eJabberd for a local network IM 
> service.
> On a separate network, I am running a mixed CentOS, Fedora and Windows 
> Active Directory environment for a development team. Within this closed 
> network, I run DNS, Apache, Redmine (formerly trac), eJabberd (formerly 
> Openfire), git (formerly svn), and multiple CentOS machines doing 
> nothing but virtual hosting for test instances built on KVM/QEMU. The 
> Windows portion of the network serves the sole duty of authentication 
> and identification, but I am using the Windows Services for Uniz to 
> provide some interoperability for that function.I am advocating moving 
> away from Windows based development environments to Fedora, so I can 
> eventually call my network a pure Linux network.
> In regards to the Fedora community as a whole, I am a member of the QA 
> team, and dedicate most of my testing time to the Server and KDE 
> products (yes, I know KDE isn't a product....yet). I talk up Fedora and 
> it's abilities at any given opportunity, and have convinced more than a 
> few folks to switch to Fedora from Ubuntu. I like what the Server 
> product has become, and want to see it supplant Ubuntu as the 
> "reference" server for multiple projects (namely Openstack, among many). 
> I do what I can in my limited role to make this happen.
> In short, I am a maintainer of servers, and use them in my daily duties 
> at my day job; I am an end-user of the product. My weakness in the 
> Fedora community, however, is that I am not a developer. It's not what I 
> do, I don't want to do it. I make the systems available for the 
> developers to do their job. To that end, I am very good at what I do.
> I feel that I would bring insight and ideas to the WG as an end user of 
> the product - a voice that needs to be heard by any development project. 
> It wouldn't do very good to build a product that isn't wanted, or worse, 
> even needed.

Thank you for the reintroduction, Dan. You've been a valued member of
the Fedora Server SIG for several months now and your efforts have been
much appreciated. I want to say thank you for all you have done to help
us get Fedora 21 Server in shape and I hope that you will continue in
the future.
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