Backup solution

Ali AlipourR alipoor90 at
Tue Dec 2 12:43:19 UTC 2014

I'm new to Linux and unix-like systems, I need some advice on backup
solution for file level and block level backups

for file-level backups I found fsarchiver, dar, tar and for
file-system-level fsarchiver, clonezilla/partclone and dd appropriate
based on my requirements
(data integrity and confidentiality, mount and single-file-restoration
capabilities, btrfs and GPT support, ACL/Selinux preservation, xz

Advantage of tar and dd is that they are available every where but I'm
mostly concerned about file integrity with tar
and dd copies all unused blocks of file system too (fsarchiver or
clonezilla/partclone will only copy file-system + MBR)

I need some advice on Backup solutions, what is your personal methods
and solutions?
Any advice would be most welcome


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