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Wed Dec 3 01:40:36 UTC 2014

On Tue, 2014-12-02 at 22:07 +0200, Paul Calvino wrote:
> Hello Fedora Server people,
> I've recently joined the mailing list and wanted to introduce myself.


> I've degrees in software engineering and business with post graduate
> in spatial science. Spent about 10 years in local government working
> in all aspects of IT from helpdesk through to server builds and
> software packaging.  Currently working in an asset management /
> spatial analyst role working with Autodesk, ESRI and ms sql and Oracle
> spatial dbs.
> Still do a bit of software development but mainly android mobile apps
> for data collection.
> I have been using Linux for the last decade at home for my workstation
> for everyday computing and development and on the home server for
> file, streaming media and, um, err minecraft server, for the kids of
> course.
> Outside of IT when not taxi-ing kids to sport, social activities etc I
> spend my time playing soccer and surfing and my wife and I are
> renovating our home.
> I am not sure how to begin and help out but I hope to be involved
> where ever there is a need so please let me know how I can assist.

Thanks, Paul. It's always nice to hear from people who actually use our
stuff :)

Right now, we're gearing up for the big Fedora 21 Server release
(fingers crossed that it will be declared Gold on Thursday). After that,
we go back full-swing into planning the Fedora 22 Server release.

I encourage you to follow along on the mailing list and hang around our
IRC channel (#fedora-server on Freenode) and get to know what we're up
to and how you can help.

The pieces of technology that Fedora Server is working on most directly
right now are the Cockpit system management console and rolekit to
provide "server roles" for machines.

Whatever you'd like to know, go ahead and ask!
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