Cockpit and VNC

Stef Walter stefw at
Fri Dec 5 15:27:30 UTC 2014

I did a bit of a proof of concept for Cockpit showing a GUI remotely
using noVNC. noVNC is a nice HTML5 VNC implementation. This is wrapped
up as a Cockpit plugin ... and Cockpit provides the WebSocket,
authentication, and all of that. It's very raw at this point ... but in
case it piques anyone's interest. Screenshot:

My current work on this will go as far as polishing up this pull request
into Cockpit code example:

Information on installing/creating plugins here, which you'll need to
understand if you want to try this out. You'll also need Cockpit from
git master, or wait until the next 0.34 release.

If someone has solid interest into building this into a full Cockpit
feature, then they can work with the Cockpit team to prototype, plan
(with use cases), design (with our designer: Andreas) and implement such
a feature.

Come to #cockpit or cockpit-devel at

Features built into Cockpit are expected to work out of the box and be
discoverable. But I think that's within the reach of such a VNC based
"access-a-gui-installer-remotely" use case, if someone puts enough time
into it.

Take care,


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