Questionable package group inclusions on Server DVD

Adam Williamson adamwill at
Fri Dec 5 22:32:57 UTC 2014

These package groups are included in the Server DVD:

# Web Server environment

However, I can't see why. None of them is uservisible, and none of them
is in the optionlist for server-product-environment, which means they
won't be offered as optional extra groups for it. That's the *only*
environment group you can pick from the GUI in the Server DVD.

So, the only way you could use any of those is with a kickstart from the
Server DVD, or I guess installing them post-install with yum if you
don't have a network available. Is that the use case for them, or is
this just an oversight? The comment makes it sound a bit like at some
point the "Web Server" environment group was expected to be available,
but it is not, the Server product is the only available env group on a
Server DVD install.
Adam Williamson
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