rolekit D-Bus API v2

Miloslav Trmač mitr at
Tue Jul 1 12:14:59 UTC 2014

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> >    deploy(a{sv})            # deploy role (i.e. running initial setup
> >                             # post-package-install, ipa-server-install)
> >                             # with the given parameters in key value
> >                             # pairs in a dictionary, these parameters
> >                             should be
> >                             # saved in the role configuration setings by
> >                             # the role after successful deployment
> As a generic client that wants to discover and deploy roles, how do I
> determine the parameters?
It’s probably not reasonable to have a generic client with zero knowledge about what is being deployed (if you “deploy PostgreSQL with no information given”, would it be localhost-only or internet-facing?).  Something or someone needs to know about that specific role.

Though, it should be possible to have a generic _software_ with zero knowledge about what is being deployed (e.g. anaconda/puppet deploying a role when given a role-specific, knowledge-containing configuration file).  That would also imply that it would be _highly desirable_ to provide an One and Only implementation for parsing the configuration file into the required a{sv} format.

> > STARTED = "started"
> > RUNNING = "running"
> What's the difference between these two?  A description of the states
> would be helpful.

Actually, many of the states are rather different from the diagram Stephen sent earlier.  Has this been redesigned?

> > ERROR = "error"
> I guess an interactive client will want to offer different actions
> depending on the state of a role.  For example, when the state is
> "nascent", it would offer to deplpy the role, but not to "start" it.
> When it is "ready-to-start" or "stopped", it would offer to start it.
> Etc.
> What should it offer in the "error" state?  Nothing?

Per the (now invalid?) proposal in the ”Server Role States” thread, the Error state is only reachable for already deployed roles; failure to deploy gets you back to Nascent.

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