rolekit D-Bus API v2

Marius Vollmer marius.vollmer at
Wed Jul 2 06:42:34 UTC 2014

Stef Walter <stefw at> writes:

>> Hmm, ok.  So the role specific code would be pre-loaded into Anaconda
>> and Cockpit somehow, and publishing a new role in a repository needs
>> an update to both Anaconda and Cockpit?
> Yes, I think that's the case. We need role specific UI code. This is
> exactly the sort of thing we're building Cockpit module support for.

Sure, but how does the module get plugged into Cockpit?  Would all these
modules be installed by default?  If a new role becomes available from
rolekit, how do we make sure that Cockpit already has the necessary
module for it?

This is all possible to solve, and not rocket science, but wouldn't it
pretty much duplicate the machinery that we already have (*cough*) for
role deployment?  Couldn't we reuse it instead?

Anyway, it's just a API and it will change completey anyway once someone
starts writing code, so maybe we should just do that. :-)

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