Multiple 'role' instances?

Miloslav Trmač mitr at
Wed Jul 2 13:06:20 UTC 2014

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> Is there (will there be) any concept in rolekit of mulitple instances of
> a role on a server?
> I know that this certainly doesn't apply to some services like IPA
> Domain Controller.
> But for others, such as databases it may be a limitation later on.

I don’t think we need it; roles always can support multiple server instances within a single role, and I guess this would be the right thing to do for non-specialist admins (in particular this gives the _role implementation_ the option to choose for the user whether to implement multiple instances as multiple configurations within a process, multiple processes within a data store, or completely separate data and configuration instances).

Exposing multiple instances within a role does have limitations (what is the state of a role in which 90 instances run successfully and 1 has crashed?), but it seems to me that users running into these instances would usually be those running a very large number of instances (e.g. hosting them for customers as a business), i.e. specialist cases which are not the primary taret of Fedora Server.

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